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Lorlatinib for approved listing

Lorlatinib, is currently the only a listing of the three generations of ALK - TKIs drugs, phase I clinical study has shown its good therapeutic effect.In 2018, Lorlatinib for treatment of ALK positive in NSCLC patients with lung cancer cohort study results.Among them, the queue for initial ALK 1 positive patients (n = 30);Queue for ALK positive and 2 grams of azole for treatment, but not after chemotherapy patients (n = 59);Queue for 3 a ALK positive and gram for Nepal and chemotherapy patients (n = 32).
Queue for 3 b ALK positive and always accept the grams of ALK - TKIs thiazole, for treatment of patients (n = 28);Queue 4 and 5 respectively ALK positive and always after both (n = 66, queue 4) or three (n = 46, queue 5) ALK - TKI treatment.Results show that (1) queue first ORR reached 90.0%, in patients with intracranial ORR was 66.7%, and ever after at least one ALK - (queue 2-5) patients treated TKIs ORR and intracranial ORR were 47% and 63% respectively.
Always just the ALK inhibitors grams azole (queue 2-3 a) for his treatment of patients with ORR was 69.5%, the intracranial ORR was 87.0%, being not g azole (queue. 3 b) patients treated for his ORR of 32.1%, intracranial ORR was 55.6%, always after more than two and ALK - TKI (queue 4/5) patients, the ORR was 38.7%, the intracranial ORR was 53.1%.