CB Speech

 Innovative development and gratitude reward
Drug firms of conscience would like the livelihood of the people "do" is a pharmaceutical group of the enterprise mission, the group has always been adhering to the concept, insist on the key work, so as to promote their business and sustainable development.
Adhere to the innovation and development, new drug pratt &whitney
Innovation for the enterprise sustainable development indispensable important element, the group's objective for innovation "valid and reachable.With the construction of independent research and development system, innovative medicine business to rapid development, thus accelerate the group business transformation and upgrading.This group will hold the national patent waiver, encourage innovation, supports innovation policy opportunities, to practice "drug firms do conscience would like the world people's livelihood" enterprise mission.
Adhere to the quality of development, the practice of product liability
As a pharmaceutical enterprise engaged in the drugs manufacture, the group as a top priority to product quality and safety management work, to make patients not only with all the right medicine, use at ease.The group attaches great importance to the patient's medication safety and product quality assurance, strive to set up four levels of quality management system, a full range of quality risk control system and drug quality and safety traceability and recall mechanism, and to provide customers with the whole process of quality supervision, to the quality standards of the group now has full aligning with the international high-end.
Adhere to the green development, improve the ecological environment
In efforts to promote innovation at the same time, the group is also pay attention to enterprise development and the environment help improve balance and resolutely put an end to environmental change benefits.Over the years, the group continues to increase investment in environmental protection, is committed to reducing emissions from the source of governance and, and constantly optimize energy management system at the same time, in order to implement energy conservation supervision and administration of standardization and systematization.At present, the group's main members are passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, adhere to the harmonious development, Thanksgiving return society
For a long time, we are very focused on enterprise internal talent development, set up human resource center, in personnel training, promotion channel, and occupational health and other fields to strengthen and optimize the management, and through different channels to keep close communication with all stakeholders, to establish mutually beneficial and equal harmonious cooperation relationship of mutual trust.
Looking to the future, the group's business philosophy, will continue to implement the above complete each work, to build a better future.