Quality culture connotation
"Goods" means the person's character and qualities, is an assessment of a personal moral cultivation, focus on the humanities."Quality" refers to the nature, quality of a material, it is for something inside of a judge, focus on the material category.Linked together "goods" and "quality", and "product" decision "quality", "quality" "goods"."Quality" is the "product" and "quality" of the organic fusion, more rich in humanistic care, people pay more attention to the internal fix for, pay attention to people's enthusiasm and initiative, advocating only high "goods" can provide high "quality" products.
The connotation of quality culture, take the quality as the kernel of corporate culture, innovation product quality;Concern and improve enterprise operating quality, and ensure the production of high quality products;Continue to improve the comprehensive ability and service consciousness of people, in order to improving the quality of the humanities to promote enterprise product quality and improving the quality of the operation.Among them, the product quality performance, operation is the guarantee quality, cultural quality is fundamental.
Cultural elements
Is is the foundation of quality culture.To protect human health as own duty, the heart is, it is, the line is, sincere person, the good faith management, scientific development, thick and not old, his presence.
Essence is the essence of quality culture.The careful attitude and the character of lean and sincere pursuit of human health career.
Stroke is the spirit of quality culture.Good for dare to break, things for first-class, striving, rushes out new road, actively cope with change, continuously surpass ourselves and to lead the industry development direction.
And is the realm of quality culture.Adhere to the people-oriented, harmonious development with employees, customers, environment, and into the co-prosperity.
Objective human health is supreme quality first forever
Leading enterprise vision of southeast Asia, the international first-class medical health industry group.
Corporate core values for drug firms of conscience would like the world people's livelihood
The fine management based on the management concept of professional management
The concept of innovation to create new value
Have the courage to bear responsibility view when it comes to do
Love life, the pursuit of excellence in quality
Results to performance by the result of contribution to the theory of rewards and punishments
Co-share meet demand win-win cooperation
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