Sailin biopharmaceutical (Laos) co., LTD., and the construction in 2019, is currently the largest and the most technologically advanced Laos anticancer and antiviral drugs production enterprise joint pharmaceutical group co., LTD., a subsidiary of the country's fastest growing large pharmaceutical companies.
Sailin pharmaceutical by British famous consultant company as a technical team, in strict accordance with the European standard design and construction of advanced workshop facilities, such as introducing China's newest pharmaceutical equipment, equipped with advanced scientific research equipment, fully meet the FDA, the UK MHRA GMP CFDA, China and the world health organization such as the world first-class production management norms and technical standards.Sailin pharmaceutical has now developed into a antitumor, antiviral, biological agents and daily use of drugs such as generic, production and research and development, sales and after-sales service as one of the integrated pharmaceutical company, is by the European Union in southeast Asia technical standards of the construction of the new type of pharmaceutical enterprises.Organize production companies in strict accordance with the GMP requirements, drug quality strictly implement the Chinese pharmacopoeia, European pharmacopoeia, the British pharmacopoeia and the United States pharmacopoeia standards.
Sailin pharmaceutical make full use of Laos national patent compulsory licensing law system, and according to the world trade organization WTO to less developed countries mandatory the exemption of the patent protection of pharmaceutical products, is now producing more than 500 kinds of conventional medicine and 30 species of antitumor drugs, some of the world new generic drugs.The pharmaceutical Lin will also introduce each year more than 10 kinds of the latest research and development of new drugs in the world.Relying on strong r&d team, "Lin pharmaceutical drug has introduced many of the world's first copy, make the company in the pharmaceutical field.
At the same time, meet the demand of Laos national medical and pharmaceutical Lin has been to Asia, Africa, Europe and America and so on more than one country or region export all kinds of drugs.
Sailin pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical enterprise management practices, in vientiane Rosetta park covers an area of 60 mu, raw material production and preparation production is equal to one, the company has more than 152 employees.